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"Like Ghosts from an Enchanter Fleeing"
Music for those who Listen by Nicola Taylor
"Music for those who Listen"
"Listen to the Colour of Your Dreams"
"Dreaming as the Summers Die"
"A Time for the Evening Under Starlight"
"Do not cringe and make yourself small"
"From Her Ashes"
"Greater than the Illustrious Heroes"
"The End of all our Exploring"
"Songs of the Sea"
"La Que Sabe"
"Raven's Song"
"The Departure"
"Stormy Skies"
"Ninety-Nine Dreams"
"Sunshine and Showers"
"To be all made of sighs and tears"
"Not I, Not I"
"Mist of a Memory"
"The Air Up There"
"The Weaker Side"
"Longer Ways to Go"
"Come You Spirits"
"The Color Blue"
"The Familiar"
"Lost Among Bowers of Blossoming Trees"
"A Beltane Betrayal"
"A Soul that Sees Beauty"
"The Darkest Point"
"Heading Home Again"
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